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Patent # Description
US-D580,570 Vehicle taillight
US-D580,345 Vehicle roof headliner
US-D580,332 Vehicle front door
US-D580,331 Vehicle rear door
US-D580,330 Vehicle lift gate
US-D580,327 Vehicle front fender
US-D580,326 Vehicle front fender
US-D580,324 Vehicle hood
US-D580,323 Vehicle hood
US-D580,321 Vehicle rear bumper cover
US-D580,320 Vehicle front bumper cover
US-D580,319 Vehicle front valance
US-D580,318 Vehicle front bumper cover
US-D580,317 Vehicle rear lower bumper cover
US-D580,316 Vehicle rear bumper cover
US-D580,315 Vehicle front bumper cover
US-D580,311 Vehicle grille
US-D580,310 Vehicle grille
US-D580,309 Vehicle upper grille
US-D580,308 Vehicle upper grille
US-7,447,616 Method and system for developing a vehicle package
A computer-implemented method for rapidly designing a vehicle package is disclosed. The method receives virtual vehicle package model data, converts the data...
US-7,447,592 Path estimation and confidence level determination system for a vehicle
A path prediction system (10) for a vehicle (12) includes vehicle state sensors (18) that generate vehicle state signals. A tracking sensor (20) generates a path...
US-7,445,705 Particle filter for fuel cell coolant
A particle filter for a fuel cell coolant is disclosed. The particle filter includes a filter housing having an upstream end for receiving the coolant and a...
US-7,445,555 Axial insulation for a universal joint
A universal joint couples a drive shaft and a driven shaft and comprises two joint yokes, each joint yoke having bearing elements at axially opposite yoke arms....
US-7,445,554 Insulation for a universal cross joint
A universal joint comprises first and second joint yokes having axially opposite yoke arms with bearing bores configured to receive bearings having pin bores, a...
US-7,445,275 Solar panel configuration for vehicles
A vehicle sunroof including a sunroof frame mounted to a vehicle roof opening and having opposing lateral sides. The sunroof frame has an outer edge adjacent to...
US-7,445,269 Structural stability device for automotive frame members
A vehicle structural frame member incorporates an internal lightweight brace member spanning between the opposing flanges of the co-joined hat-shaped members...
US-7,445,259 Fascia anti-rattle springs
An automobile bumper system including an isolator disposed adjacent a cross beam of an automobile frame, and a fascia disposed adjacent the isolator to...
US-7,445,244 Seat belt anchor
A seat belt anchor ("anchor") for a vehicle. The anchor is comprised of a bracket and a pair of nested plates. The bracket has a first plate portion and a second...
US-7,445,219 Wheel suspension system for a motor vehicle
The invention relates to a wheel suspension system for a motor vehicle, having a lower link for the fastening of a wheel which is coupled to a chassis underframe...
US-D579,828 Vehicle rear bumper
US-7,444,240 Collision avoidance system having GPS enhanced with OFDM transceivers
An object relative status determination system (54) for a vehicle (52) includes an orthogonal frequency domain modulation (OFDM) transceiver (56) that generates...
US-7,441,845 Method for operating multiple axle regenerative braking in an automotive vehicle
A system and method for maximizing the post-ABS regenerative braking capability of an automotive vehicle having regenerative braking available for more than one...
US-7,441,832 Pneumatically reinforced vehicle body structure
A pneumatic reinforcement system (14) ("system") for a body structure (12) of a vehicle (10) includes an air bladder (28), an inflator device (30), a sensor...
US-7,441,831 Method of manufacturing a vehicle frame member with a subframe attachment mount
An attachment mount apparatus connects a subframe component to the lower frame midrail structure for an automotive vehicle that is formed from a pair of tubular...
US-7,441,830 Dual tube lower frame midrail structure
A lower frame midrail structure for an automotive vehicle is formed from a pair of tubular members manufactured through a hydroforming process. The two tubular...
US-7,441,826 Energy transfer beam for automotive side door
A side door impact reinforcement beam incorporates a cantilevered member that is welded at one end thereof internally of the impact reinforcement beam and...
US-7,441,819 Tubular structural joint for automotive front end
A structural joint is formed between the upper frame rail, which bends downwardly to define a generally vertically extending portion, and a generally...
US-7,441,790 Deployable step and body-side assembly for a vehicle
A deployable step and body-side assembly including a step body-side structure, one or more link assemblies, and an actuator. The step body-side structure is...
US-7,441,538 Method for auto-ignition operation and computer storage device for use with an internal combustion engine
An internal combustion engine that can be operated in compression ignition mode, comprising a fuel injector (2) for each cylinder; a fuel injection control unit...
US-7,441,452 TPMS sensor assembly and method therefore
A device for removably attaching a TPMS sensor to a wheel is provided. The device has a structure having a first end section, a second end section and a base....
US-D579,386 Vehicle front bumper cover
US-D579,385 Vehicle upper grille
US-7,438,431 Portable light with clip
A portable light is disclosed comprising at least one light emitting diode, a power source, a switch operable for closing an electronic circuit between the power...
US-D578,938 Vehicle upper grille
US-7,437,274 Method and apparatus for objective measurement of noise
A method of objectively and subjectively monitoring noise and correspondingly level or loudness thereof in a product or assembly. The method includes placing a...
US-7,434,969 Multi-function light support
A light support comprising a base plate and a light-carrying plate comprising a proximal end mounted to the base plate and being adapted for mounting a light...
US-7,434,825 Deployable step for motor vehicles
A motor vehicle in accordance with the present invention includes a body having a front end, a rear end, a roof, and a rear structural member located at the rear...
US-D578,443 Vehicle lower grille
US-7,433,801 Identifying and visualizing faults in PLC-based manufacturing systems
Textual fault messages in PLC-based manufacturing systems are supplemented by automatically displayed sets of information that allow an operator to quickly...
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