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Patent # Description
US-7,337,645 Draw press with a fixed draw punch and a floating draw punch
A machine is disclosed for producing a deep drawn part and a shallow drawn part from sheet metal blanks in a single action draw press. A floating draw punch and...
US-7,337,619 Method and system for assessing a refrigerant charge level in a vehicle air conditioning system
A method and system for assessing a level of refrigerant in a vehicle air conditioning system. A refrigerant charge value is determined as a function of ambient...
US-D563,575 Vehicle headlight
US-D563,292 Vehicle hood
US-D563,277 Vehicle exterior
US-7,335,131 Vehicle and method for controlling an engine in a vehicle
A method for controlling an engine in a vehicle including a transmission is provided. The method utilizes feedforward control by determining when a neutral...
US-7,334,813 Motor vehicle occupant protection
A motor vehicle (11) has a side door (14) having a side panel assembly (15) fitted with a pusher block arrangement (25) comprising an outer block (26) and an...
US-7,334,572 System and method for securing fuel injectors
A system and method for securing a fuel injector in an internal combustion engine include a clamp for securing adjacent injectors to a cylinder head. The clamp...
US-7,334,562 Homogenous charge compression ignition engine control
A method is shown for operating an internal combustion engine having a combustion chamber with a piston, the internal combustion engine capable of injecting fuel...
US-7,334,552 Internal viscous damper monitoring system and method
A method for operating an internal combustion engine of a vehicle traveling on the road, the method comprising of damping engine vibration with a damper coupled...
US-7,334,549 Multi-stroke cylinder operation in an internal combustion engine
A method to control valves during multi-stroke cylinder operation. Valves are controlled to improve emissions and engine torque resolution.
US-D562,998 Vehicle taillight
US-D562,747 Vehicle fender
US-D562,742 Vehicle rear bumper cover
US-7,332,135 Catalyst system for the reduction of NOx and NH.sub.3 emissions
This catalyst system simultaneously removes ammonia and enhances net NOx conversion by placing an NH.sub.3-SCR catalyst formulation downstream of a lean NOx...
US-7,331,899 Hybrid vehicle powertrain with a multiple-ratio power transmission mechanism
A control method and system for a hybrid vehicle powertrain with an electric motor in a power flow path between an internal combustion engine and a...
US-7,331,334 System and method for purging fuel vapors using exhaust gas
A system for a vehicle, comprising of an engine, and a fuel vapor storage system coupled to the engine configured to store and release fuel vapors, the system...
US-D562,202 Vehicle front fender
US-D562,201 Vehicle front fender
US-D562,199 Vehicle hood
US-D562,197 Vehicle bumper
US-D562,193 Vehicle grille
US-7,329,629 Catalyst system for lean burn engines
A catalyst system to provide emission reductions under lean and stoichiometric conditions. The catalyst system comprises a forward catalyst having a first...
US-7,329,627 Ce/Cu/Mn-catalysts
Disclosed is a mixed oxide catalyst, preferably for selective oxidation of CO in hydrogen rich gas mixtures, or in oxygen containing gas mixtures in the presence...
US-7,328,686 System and method to control cylinder activation and deactivation
Engine cylinder reactivation from a fuel-cut state is controlled based on a calculated future engine speed and a minimum allowable engine speed. The future...
US-D561,918 Vehicle headlight lens
US-D561,667 Vehicle front fender
US-D561,665 Vehicle hood
US-D561,664 Vehicle hood
US-D561,663 Vehicle hood
US-D561,662 Vehicle bumper
US-D561,661 Vehicle front bumper cover
US-D561,658 Vehicle grille
US-D561,656 Vehicle grille
US-D561,655 Vehicle grille
US-D561,654 Vehicle lower grille
US-D561,653 Vehicle upper grille
US-D561,646 Vehicle exterior
US-7,326,149 Converterless transmission shift control system
A converterless, multiple-ratio transmission and shift control method wherein smoothness of power-on upshifts and downshifts and power-off upshifts and...
US-7,325,859 Door sash header for automotive vehicle
A door sash header for an automotive vehicle includes a glazing seal retainer, an external trim retention portion, and a multi-channel weatherstrip retention...
US-7,325,820 Independent rear suspension
An independent rear suspension system is provided that has a trailing arm connected between a frame rail and a wheel support knuckle. A lower control arm is...
US-7,325,721 Computer-implemented method and system for grouping receipts
A computer-implemented method for summarizing receipts and grouping the receipts onto one or more invoices. The method includes receiving a number of receipts...
US-7,325,521 System and method for improved cam retard
A system and method to control valve timing and valve lift of an engine is described. The intake valve timing can be retarded while the valve is in a low lift or...
US-7,325,394 System and method for desulfating a NOx trap
In an apparatus having an internal combustion engine and a catalytic device for treating NO.sub.x emissions from the internal combustion engine, a method of...
US-D561,072 Vehicle front bumper cover
US-D561,071 Vehicle rear bumper cover
US-D561,070 Vehicle rear bumper cover
US-D561,068 Vehicle grille
US-D561,067 Vehicle grille
US-7,324,888 Computationally efficient data-driven algorithms for engine friction torque estimation
New algorithms for real-time estimation of the engine friction torque are developed. Engine friction torque can be estimated in a fuel cut-off state and at...
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