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Patent # Description
US-7,705,291 Apparatus and method for wound diagnosis
A configurable scanner (1), adapted for contactless measurement of the depth and perimeter of a wound on a target body part (9), has a scan head (4), and a...
US-7,703,841 Vehicle body assembly
A vehicle body assembly having a set of castings. Each member of the set of castings interlocks with another member of the set of castings to create a vehicle...
US-7,703,837 Sealing system of B-pillarless rear sliding door
The invention relates to a vehicle door for closing a door opening provided in a vehicle frame, and to a vehicle door system with the vehicle door according to...
US-7,703,444 Fuel vapor management for stored fuel using floating particles
A system, method, and article of manufacture for reducing the rate of fuel vapor formation within a fuel storage tank include a plurality of discrete independent...
US-7,703,439 Vehicle control system
A method for controlling an engine having an intake manifold and an outlet control device coupled to the manifold for controlling flow exiting the manifold and...
US-7,703,438 System and method for facilitating homogeneous charge compression ignition
A method of maintaining homogeneous charge compression ignition when a temperature within a combustion chamber decreases below an autoignition temperature in an...
US-7,703,435 System and control method for selecting fuel type for an internal combustion engine capable of combusting a...
A system and method for improving fuel usage of a dual fuel engine is described. Fuel type is delivered to engine cylinders in response to operating conditions.
US-7,703,353 Drive unit connected to a transmission output for producing forward and reverse device
A drive unit located in a power path between a transmission output and the wheels of a vehicle for reversing the direction of the transmission output includes a...
US-D614,784 Vehicle taillight
US-D614,555 Vehicle front bumper spoiler
US-D614,546 Combined vehicle front bumper and grille
US-D614,544 Vehicle grille lower
US-7,702,491 Method of part flow model for programmable logic controller logical verification system
A method is provided for application of part flow model for a programmable logic controller logical verification system. The method includes the steps of...
US-7,702,440 Method and apparatus for detecting rollover of an automotive vehicle based on a lateral kinetic energy rate...
A rollover sensing system (12) that may be used in the determination of when to deploy restraints in a vehicle is disclosed herein. The rollover sensing system...
US-7,702,425 Object classification system for a vehicle
A method of classifying objects within a vehicle (12) includes the detection of an object and the generation of an object detection signal in response to the...
US-7,701,080 USB for vehicle application
A power data connection for a vehicle and one or more electronic devices is provided. The power data connection comprises a data communication connector and a...
US-7,699,737 Electric axle drive unit
A drive unit for transmitting power to wheels of a motor vehicle includes an input driveably connectable to a first power source, a final drive gear set...
US-7,699,327 Wheel suspension
The invention relates to a wheel suspension, which has at least one transverse link and one wheel carrier. The wheel carrier has a connecting element, through...
US-7,699,285 Automotive mirror mounting system
An external mirror mounting system for an automotive vehicle includes an outer panel having a mounting reinforcement attached to an inner surface, and an...
US-7,699,129 Method and system for alerting a driver that a motive power system is about to be activated
An accelerator pedal provides feedback to a driver of a vehicle indicating that an engine is about to be started. This feedback is associated with a threshold...
US-7,698,797 Apparatus and method for forming a joint between adjacent members
An apparatus and method for joining adjacent members, wherein the members are placed in an overlapping layered relationship. The members are clamped between a...
US-D614,332 Vehicle fog lamp
US-D614,331 Vehicle taillight
US-D614,330 Vehicle taillight
US-D614,329 Vehicle taillight
US-D614,328 Vehicle headlight
US-D614,327 Vehicle headlight
US-D614,326 Vehicle headlight
US-D614,113 Vehicle wheel
US-D614,112 Vehicle wheel
US-D614,111 Vehicle wheel
US-D614,110 Vehicle wheel
US-D614,109 Vehicle wheel
US-D614,105 Vehicle front bumper cover outer panel
US-D614,100 Vehicle front fender
US-D614,099 Vehicle front bumper spoiler lower
US-D614,094 Vehicle front bumper cover
US-D614,093 Vehicle rear bumper cover lower
US-D614,092 Vehicle rear bumper cover lower
US-D614,091 Vehicle rear bumper cover
US-D614,090 Vehicle front bumper valance
US-D614,089 Vehicle front bumper cover
US-D614,087 Vehicle grille
US-7,698,245 Applying rules to validating data for a machine arrangement
A system and method for validating data for a machine arrangement includes a controller, such as a programmable logic controller, connected to a processor, which...
US-7,698,231 Computer-implemented method and system for global purchasing
A computer-implemented method for creating blanket purchase agreements in a manufacturing enterprise is disclosed. The method includes identifying one or more...
US-7,698,044 Method and apparatus for braking and stopping vehicles having an electric drive
A method and apparatus are provided for braking and stopping a vehicle whose powertrain includes an electric drive. The electric drive is used to generate...
US-7,696,716 Dual battery vehicle electrical systems
The invention provides a dual battery electrical switchable system 2 for a vehicle having an engine. The vehicle comprises a plurality of first loads 8 and a...
US-7,695,538 Negative pressure dust collector with a dust receiving bag smoothly inflatable
A negative pressure dust collector with a dust receiving bag comprises a ventilation hood and an exhaust device. The ventilation hood includes a motor, fan...
US-7,695,537 Dust collector with a function of secondary collection
A dust collector with a function of secondary collection is composed of a bottom base,an air guiding box installed above the bottom base and bored with a suction...
US-7,695,401 Holding a hybrid electric vehicle on an inclined surface
A method for controlling a vehicle powertrain that includes a first power path including a first electric machine driveably connected to a first wheel set and a...
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